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About Us

About us

Cedars High School is a private school located in Baouchrieh, Metn, catering for students from Nursery to Grade 12. We offer the Lebanese and American curriculums, and instruction for both is in English.

Our belief that all students are capable of learning successfully at different rates shapes our educational philosophy.

Striving to be a school where every individual is offered the opportunity to learn and develop, we provide our pupils with all the conditions that enable them to grow both intellectually and emotionally.

Our primary aim is to ensure that no student is left behind and that every child receives the nurture and attention he/she requires to achieve his/her full potential. We pride ourselves on our devotion to the uniqueness of each learner; thus, our students are always given the necessary support and motivation to bring out the best in each and every one of them.


The progressive development of technology over the recent decades has fueled the pace at which our world is changing.

Education bears the responsibility of creating individuals equipped to face both the opportunities and challenges of a constantly changing world and emerging technologies. Ultimately, young people today must be agile learners, able to adapt to the fast-paced technological advances that are propelling the way we experience the world around us.

Our school's philosophy of what counts as high education has been evolving with this accelerated world. Cedars High School aims to cultivate global-minded students empowered with the breadth of skills necessary to comprehensively prepare them for the changing social, technological and economic demands of the future.

Letter from the Principal

Welcome to Cedars High School,

I have been dedicated to the field of education for more than twenty-two years, and I can confidently say that the last twelve years that I served as the principal of Cedars High School were the most fulfilling.

At Cedars High School, we foster a “family feel” culture with students, parents and employees, which we believe strengthens team relationships, hence creating better dynamics that help everyone work together more effectively.

I am so proud and happy that I know each and every one of my students, parents and faculty members, and that throughout those years, I have established an amazing relationship with what I truly consider my second family.

When it comes to education, I believe bigger is not better. Cedars High School designs classes of only 20 students per class where no student is left behind. Learners at Cedars High School are and will always be at the center of all school-related decisions.

I see lots of potential in my students, and I do my best to genuinely assist them and help them make the right choices throughout their journey to college.

I encourage you to visit the campus in person, and I will be more than glad to meet with you and provide you with the necessary information.

Omar Moukaddem