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Cedars High School caters for students from Nursery to Grade 12. Both the Lebanese and American curricula are offered; instructions for both is in English. At cedars High School we pride ourselves on our devotion to personal care. We believe in the individual, their unique set of talents and the contribution each student can make. Our primary aim is to ensure that no student is left behind and that every child receives the nurture and attention they require to achieve their full potential.

An education at Cedars equips children with the skills, values and knowledge they need contribute to the larger world as a confident and purposeful citizen.

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Here are some of the feedbacks we've received:

  • I Just wanted to tell you that you are the only and ONLY reason for Andre's success, I couldn't forget how much I was worried about him three years ago and I thought that I lost for good my dreams about his future. You gave me back my baby, and words could never describe how much I need to thank you. You re a great man and a great leader. Thank you Mr Omar...

    Dany Abi Khalil Abi Haydar , Parent
  • Teaching at Cedars High School specifically Gates is challenging. But the challenge keeps me going. My students relentlessly challenge what I thought I knew about kids and teaching. Educating those students is about lighting the fire. It's about those moments when you see the sparks in their eyes and excitement whenever they learn something new. What I loved most in this school is that I found supervisors and colleagues who appreciate every single effort I make.

    Elina Fakhry , Teacher
  • Amazing! We also feel like we're your children because you were more than just a mentor to us. You genuinely cared for each and everyone of us and helped us blossom like a true father would. We will always be your students since we'll never stop learning from you. We are proud and glad that we are part of this growing family of loving, caring and nurturing individuals and siblings. We have truly grown to be responsible yet fun and unique individuals you taught us to be, by setting an example. Thank you for taking the time to give us all the attention and love we needed this year and every year. Too much love !!

    Eliane Sawma , Student
  • Although my 3 boys have only spent one year at Cedars High school, however it was one of our greatest years being academic or social. Although I remorse spending all those academic years on “for-profit” schools, but you assured me that there are still educators who care for our children in Lebanon. Although we’re leaving to Canada for good, but I cannot thank you enough for the social well-being of my children that gave them so much confidence. Only at Cedars High, I’m assured, as a parent, that my children are in safe hands. Thank you!

    Lina El Khalil Cheaib , Parent
  • Thank you Cedars High school for giving me this chance to reach my goals, to seek more knowledge and to make my life long dreams a reality. Thank you Cedars High school for assuring me that the education system is in good hands. Thank you Cedars High school for nurturing my journey on daily basis. Thank you for being part of my extended family, throughout my happy and difficult days. Mostly, thank you for making my life easier as a mother, watching my own child evolve, experience and learn life values in this fruitful environment. Thank you Cedars High school for believing in every single one of us…

    Rada Abou Haidar , Teacher
  • To be honest, at the beginning of this amazing and special year we couldn't wait to graduate and to finish our final school year, now that our time is up all we want to do is rewind time and go back right to the start because leaving is so difficult. Leaving my second home and my second family behind is a thought I can't bare. The truth is you are stuck with us, because you showed us nothing but unconditional love, constant motivation and never ending support the three things a true father would provide for his children. You were a father, a principal, a mentor, and a friend. We start the next chapter of our lives knowing you will always be there for us with open and welcoming arms, this thought alone is comforting. I'm blessed to have people like u in my life THANK YOU isn't even enough! I love each and every one of you to the moon and back.

    Nour El Hoda Abu Laban , Student
  • When I enrolled my son into Cedar’s High School, I knew he would receive a quality education. Not only has Cedar’s met my academic expectations but they have given my son so much more. The level of commitment by the entire staff to my son’s emotional and personal growth is beyond all of my expectations. In fact, just as much effort is put into building his character as making sure he is learning. In today’s complicated world, Cedar’s comprehensive commitment to my son is truly a blessing!

    Leila Tomey , Parent
  • My school is my second home, a home full of knowledge, care and respect. At cedars we feel safe surrounded with people we love and they definitely love us back.

    Karen Ayash , Student